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Michael, Vanessa, Eska & Lika

Road Tripper

Michael and Vanessa met 17 years ago in an online game. Today, however, they much prefer to have their adventures in real life. Not only do they live together, but they also spend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week together. Because they live and work from the road. Their car with roof tent is their base.

Eska and Lika, their two Siberian Husky dogs, are always with them. As Michael and Vanessa don't have a typical "home" where Eska and Lika could wait while they carry out tasks, the two of them are with them around the clock. This means that the four of them have to be an absolutely well-rehearsed team, which gives them a great advantage in one of their hobbies, for example, hiking in difficult conditions.

Follow their adventures at: @reiseschnauze

michael's husky stands on a rock in the mountains.
Quotation Marks

Stop waiting for someday, for a better time, for better weather, for someone to accompany you! Human life expectancy is around 72 years... that means we have 72 summers, 72 winters, 72 autumns and 72 springs... be brave, do your thing and live life!

-Michael & Vanessa