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Wendy, Jack & Jill

Adventurer & Disability Advocate

My dogs mean the world to me. Their mobility challenges and victories inspire every step I take. Though Captain Jack Sparrow and Jill were born 10 years and 3,000 miles apart, their bond and love of adventure is stronger than anything. Captain Jack Sparrow has overcome multiple obstacles to be the healthy, thriving dog-on-wheels that he is today. Born with Spina Bifida, Captain Jack was abused and neglected for his first three months of life. His breeder caused him to suffer before dumping him in a box covered in open wounds. Jack battled through multiple medical emergencies before I saw his picture online, posted for adoption. One look was all it took and I was traveling 3,100 miles across the USA to adopt and bring him home. His resilience and passion for adventure inspires me every day. You would never know what he endured — he is the sweetest, happiest pup in the world. Jill has saved my life in more ways than one. Five years ago she herniated a disk in her spine and became paralyzed overnight. She had a very low chance of regaining mobility, but I devoted my life to her care. The months of recovery were extremely difficult, but would be worth every second. Her recovery made her doctor’s jaw drop. I was told they had never seen a spine heal like hers. Since her paralysis and recovery, we have shared summits I never thought possible. Every step I take is powered by these incredible pups. I am so lucky to love them!

Follow their adventures at: @PNW_Captain_Jack

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I love nothing more than taking my pups out for an adventure here in the PNW and showing the world that different is not less. Anything is possible with love and dedication.