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Alicia, Kona, Cali & Ruger


My name is Ali, and currently my fiancé, Colten and I have 3 dogs, Kona, Cali, and Ruger. It's been about 3 years now since I started my business hiking dogs which lead me into becoming a certified professional dog trainer. We have achieved titles in agility, disc and tricks. Life is pretty balanced between training and hiking. When possible we take advantage of a free weekend to go camping. Some of the dogs favourite activities are SUP and heading out on the quad.

Follow their adventures at: @west_coast_heeler_pack

Dog in sun shower jumps up in the air for Alicia, who stands in front in raincoat on trail.
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With them I am never alone. They give me a level of comfort and security. There is never a dull moment with them around, so I am sure to have a good laugh. With the breeds they are they require a lot of exercise so they need me to take them out just like I need them to keep myself active.