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Adventure Inspiration

Van Life: Coast Road Trip with Bree & Noodle

This season is all about transforming through new experiences. When we explore unfamiliar terrain, we discover uncharted parts of ourselves. Perhaps it's a strength we never knew we had or a fresh perspective on the world. We can stretch our minds with a new skill or unleash a new way to play. 

In this story, Ruffwear Ambassador Bree shares how her van road trip along the PNW coast offered her dogs a chance to grow in a new environment. One of her dogs, Noodle, navigated trotting along the shores and splashing in the ocean with her scooter – leaving her mark of sandy paw prints and scooter tracks behind.

The Coast: A Water Hound's Dream

Noodle and Shamus have been water hounds since the day we adopted them. A van trip along the coast was the perfect way to end our summer. We took 10 days driving along HWY 101 from Anacortes, WA to Mendocino, CA. 

Dog playing in the water with dog life jacket and floating toy.

Confident Swimming

Noodle can swim with and without her scooter. We always use Ruffwear’s Float Coat™ Dog Life Jacket as extra precaution when she is in the water without her wheels.

Two dogs walk with their human along the sand, leaving paw prints.

Playful Paw Prints

When Noodle needs a rest, she resorts to chasing Shamus while holding onto her prized possession, the Hydro Plane™ Floating Throw Toy. We love the tracks her scooter and paw prints make in the sand – so uniquely hers.

Two dogs run and play together in the sand and ocean.

Dog Days of Summer

Whether it be on the beaches of Astoria near a shipwreck or the sunny, warm beaches off the southern coast of Oregon, the coast always provides ample opportunities for the dogs to play.

A dog runs in the park with the Ruffwear Hydro Plane™ Floating Throw Toy.

Too Much Fun!

By far the best time we had was along the coast of Mendocino, CA. In fact, we had so much fun that we accidentally left Noodle’s scooter at the park. Luckily, a kind woman working for California State Parks found it and returned it to us before we traveled on home.

You can learn more about Bree and Noodle's life on the road here, and follow along on their Instagram @NoodsterScootster. Be sure to check out their blog on learning to adapt.