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Tips for Running with Dogs in Summer Heat

Ruffwear Ambassador Krissy Moehl is a running coach, author, race director, and public speaker. Her favorite running sidekick is her pup, PD. Seeing the trails through PD's eyes adds a whole new spin on her passion. Here, we checked in with Krissy and PD to learn their tips for running in the summer heat.

A dog stands on the grass by a lake while on a summer run.

What to Bring in Hydration Packs

Krissy's Pack: For my pack, I will add sunscreen and take out the second set of gloves and wool Buff. I’ll fill the bladder nearly full and even add a filter bottle. I bring a dog bowl for PD to slurp out of when we need to share my water. Things that stay the same: treats for PD and treats for me, chapstick, credit card & ID, Houdini Jacket, and first-aid kit.

PD's Pack: Ha! This little princess doesn’t carry a pack. Her Momma carries everything. Including towing her on the Roamer™ Bungee Leash and Front Range® Harness. Little girl has figured out the perfect tension and placement right behind me to “catch a lift.” She’s not dragging, she just appreciates the assistance. (I thought runner dogs towed their Moms?!?)

RW Tip: All dogs are different – if you think your dog might be a fit for carrying a pack, check out the Singletrak™ Dog Hydration Pack.

A dog runs on the sand with a Ruffwear Front Range Harness and Roamer Bungee Leash.

Go-to Summer Running Gear

Krissy: Patagonia trucker hats galore, Patagonia Cap Cool Daily Hoodies in multiple color options, and BeFree water filter by Katadyn.

PD: Swamp Cooler Zip™ Vest and Swamp Cooler™ Neck Gaiter.

A woman holds her dog who is wearing a Ruffwear Swamp Cooler Vest.

Favorite Post Summer Run Snacks

Krissy: SMOOTHIE! To the point of brain freeze. My Vitamix collects dust in the winter, but gets daily use in the summer.

PD: Doggie Gelato. Our local gelato place sells dog-specific gelato that she loves. I’ll also freeze salmon juice from the Patagonia Provisions packs in her bowl with kibble – and let’s be honest, she gets little bits of whatever I’m eating.

Recovering After a Run in the Summer Heat

A woman and her dog jump in a lake after a run in the summer heat.

Krissy: Cold water plunge in the bay, smoothie with protein powder, and time working in the garden. (I’m looking forward to these last two as I missed the last two summers of these options while living in the van.)

PD: Cold water bath or creek dip on the way home, frozen peanut butter filled Kongs, and laying in the grass and rolling in fun smells while Mom gardens.

Summer Running Routes

A dog lays down in the water on a summer day in Washington.

Krissy: We are lucky to live in the PNW where there is typically lots of water flowing in the creeks. We are close to the bay in Bellingham, WA and some lovely lakes that are all a part of our favorite running routes. Later in the summer when some creeks dry up or lakes become murky with algae, I will carry more water for both of us and have her wear the Swamp Cooler Zip™ Vest to help us move through longer dry sections.

PD: PD established early on in our running relationship that every run needs to include a dip, even when there is snow on the ground and frozen spots on the water, my little Wim Hof girl always dips.

With Krissy & PD's tips, we're ready to hit the trails in the heat! Eager for more inspiration? Follow Krissy and PD's running adventures at @krissymoehl.