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Our Trail Tested Promise

All our products are rigorously field-tested – by real dogs really getting after it.

It's why we proudly and confidently guarantee against defects in materials and craftsmanship.

It’s a promise we don’t take lightly. And it’s a promise we stand by. Before any Ruffwear gear ends up on the trail with you and your dog, every component – from buckles and stitching to fabrics and webbing – has been put to the test and held to strict standards.

Patroller and dog play tug of war with huck a cone on Mt hood.

Our pool of wear-testers from around the globe logs thousands of hours of testing each season. Working dogs, avalanche rescue dogs, canine detection dogs, our ambassadors, our office dogs, and even some legendary hall-of-famers proven to be tough on gear. They all go above and beyond when it comes to putting gear through the wringer in an array of conditions and landscapes. 

Climber lifts dog using web master harness with handle up onto rocks at the crag.

These canine athletes run, roll, splash, pull, wiggle, bound, scramble, snooze, and whatever else it is they're inspired to do in our gear. If they can get it to fail, we re-evaluate. But, when it works for them, we know it’ll work for you.

Dog PD wearing grip trex dog boots leaps over roots ahead of human Krissy on trail.

That’s why you can grin instead of cringe when your dog goes bounding through branches and brush in their jacket. It’s why your favorite leash will probably still be your favorite leash years down the road. And it's why we hear stories of harnesses being handed down from one canine to the next, embedding generations of exploration into its very fibers. 

Dani Wyeth plays tug with dog Ranger on Oregon coast.

We do it because we’re dedicated to making the best dog gear on the planet. Ruffwear gear is built to last, because if it lasts, it spends more time with you and your dog on your adventures rather than in a landfill.

That’s the quality we test for. That’s the quality we guarantee.

Dog in climate changer fleece stands outside of tent up in the hills.