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Adventure Inspiration

New Season Sneak Peek: My Dog Is My...

Ready for a sneak peek at what's new for Spring and Summer 2021? We’re taking a deeper look at the role dogs play in getting us outside as we navigate life’s journey.

Whether it’s searching for a place of belonging in the outdoors, learning a new activity alongside our furry best friend, or simply getting our feet underneath us, our dogs add lightness, joy, and connection to whatever we’re experiencing.

Get to know the humans and canines helping us tell the story this season. You just might spot some new gear landing with our new video on February 17.

Nina trail runs with two Charlie and Goose on roamer leashes

"My Dogs Are My Turbo Boost because not only do they motivate me for every run, but they help me up every hill."

New gear spotted: Switchbak™ Harness & Roamer™ Leash (available Feb. 17)


Anna on handcycle with dog Bernie in jet stream and switchbak at her side

New gear spotted: Switchbak™ Harness & Flat Out™ Leash & Collar (available Feb. 17)


Colin rows raft with jolene in float coat at his side

"My Dog Is My First Mate because she's always by my side on raft trips."

New gear spotted: Float Coat™ Life Jacket (available March 31)


Hana paddles kayak on alpine lake with Gumbo in float coat in her lap

"My Dog Is My Paddle Navigator because we love the summer and we love to do anything on the water."

New gear spotted: Float Coat™ Life Jacket (available March 31)


Alex runs with Otto in switchbak harness and leash

New gear spotted: Switchbak™ Harness & Flat Out™ Leash (available Feb. 17)


Winston holds hydro plane while Nate looks on

"My Dog Is My Constant Companion because he's always by my side, if we're skiing in the mountains, running on the river trail, or waking me up with puppy kisses in the morning."

New gear spotted: Hydro Plane™ Toy (available March 31)


Jacqueline walks behind Moose on trail

"My Dog Is My Big Spoon because he's a big snuggly guy."

New gear spotted: Switchbak™ Harness & Flat Out™ Leash & Collar (available Feb. 17)


Monica and Ethan sit with pups Giles & Alta

"My Dog Is My family because we do everything together and we love each other no matter what."

New gear spotted: Front Range® Harness, Leash, and Collar (available Feb. 17)


Hector & Canyon hike along trail

"My Dog Is My Backcountry Buddy because no matter what, he's always down for the next adventure."

New gear spotted: Front Range™ Day Pack & Switchbak™ Leash (available Feb. 17)



New gear spotted: Front Range™ Day Pack & Flat Out™ Leash and Collar (available Feb. 17)


What does your dog mean to you? Let us know on social @ruffwear or in the comments below!