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Experiencing Growth With Dogs By Our Sides

I often wonder what would it be like to see ourselves through our dogs’ eyes? Would they remember the person we were 7 years ago? Would they notice both the small and large ways in which we’ve changed over the years?

A dog stands in a creek while on a hike.

As humans, we are always changing. We grow—sometimes we regress. We are always becoming the next version of ourselves.

A woman sits on a large rock with her dog by a lake.

I’ve experienced a lot of growth since Mila joined our family 9 years ago. Personal, professional, and emotional growth. I have learned from my mistakes, opened my eyes and ears to others’ perspectives, and taken on new opportunities including raising a family of my own.

A woman stands with her dog on the top of a cliff while hiking.

I’ve also experienced loss, heartache, and grief. Those experiences have also shaped me and helped me become the person I am today.

Through all these changes—good and bad—our dogs have been by our sides. They have sometimes been the only constant in our lives during these times. For that I am forever grateful.

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