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Behind the Design: Color Stories

The subtle hues and bursts of color in the landscapes we explore with our dogs inspire and influence the colors of Ruffwear gear. 

Sure – dogs see the colors of the rainbow a little differently than we do. But what if it's more about their experience of it than it is the looks? The feel of icy blue water as they dip a paw into an alpine lake, the whiff of a wildflower that's as fragrant as it is red, and that sense of peace in a glowing sunset as another day outside together comes to a close.

That's the beauty of color – it draws you in and invites you to linger in the moment a little longer. It holds sentiment and energy, and it's why we choose our hues so carefully.

Here’s a look at the inspiration behind some of the colorways in our line.

blue moon.


Deep, mysterious, and worthy of howling at – blue moons are when we get a rare second full moon in a single month, and perfect for lighting an evening hike. Explore Blue Moon gear.

Blue moon quencher bowl.Blue cloud chaser waterproof jacket.Blue packout bag.



Dew covered red currants.


No doubt the tart-sweet combo of currants catches the attention of our dogs’ noses as much as the stark red pops against the surrounding greenery. Explore Red Currant gear.

Grip trex boots in red currant.Web master in red.Knot-a-hitch in red.



As the sun falls beneath the horizon, there’s anticipation when gray washes over the landscape and we wait for the stars to make their entrance. Explore Twilight Gray gear.

Cloud chaser jacket in gray.Hi & Light harness in gray.treat trader in gray.


Pink hibiscus.


The bold shade of pink is a stark contrast to the delicate nature of these iconic blooms. They’re a must to stop and smell when exploring tropical regions. Explore Hibiscus Pink gear.

Front range collar in hibiscus pink.Front range harness in hibiscus pink.Front range leash in hibiscus pink.


Tumalo creek aerial view of turquoise waters.


There’s movement and energy in the blue waters of Tumalo Creek as it winds through some of our favorite wilderness in Central Oregon. Explore Tumalo Teal gear.


Pacific loop in tumalo teal.Mt Bachelor portable dog bed in tumalo teal.Front range harness in tumalo teal.