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Vernan Kee & His Pack

Graphic Designer & Rez Dog Advocate

Vernan is a graduate of the Art Institute of California-San Diego, freelance designer, and frequent collaborator with Natives Outdoors. He currently focuses his time and energy educating himself and others about traditional native lands and how to respect these sacred places. His pack includes Bruce, Harley, Koba, Sandy, Bear Bear & Dusty. Explore more of Vernan's work at

vernan kee with his dogs on adventures.

Follow their adventures at: @vernankee

Vernan pets his dog wearing a cooling jacket in the desert.
Quotation Marks

My time in the marines taught me ‘leave no man behind.’ Now, it’s ‘leave no dog behind.’ You learn to be there on the frontlines to help. Now, I can’t just give that up. I have to keep helping.