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Noami & Amara

Vanlifer & Activist

Meet Noami, a bold explorer and storyteller who's been carving her nomadic path on the open road since 2016. By her side is Amara, her fiercely loyal German Shepherd companion and 'head of security,' who's been sniffing out adventure and new horizons with Noami for nearly half a decade. Together, in their classic Bronco home-on-wheels, they're redefining living on the road, going anywhere the map takes them. From running trails to backpacking and paddling, Noami and Amara are an inseparable duo, each writing a new chapter of their shared journey daily. They're proud to represent the spirit of Ruffwear.

Follow their adventures at: @irietoaurora

Noami and Amara in a grassy field in front of the mountains.
Quotation Marks

Amara isn’t just my dog, she’s my compass for adventure and my reminder to live fully. Every morning, she's the one nudging me up and outside for our running adventure, her enthusiasm is infectious. When we're backpacking, she's in her element, and her spirit pushes me to explore further. Living and working on the road means life can get intense, but Amara's there to remind me that there's a time for work and a time for play. She's a vital part of my journey, teaching me every day about balance and the pure joy of being outdoors.