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Marcus & Batman

Ultra Runner & Electrical Engineer

Marcus Rentie is an Ultra-running Electrical Engineer. He was born and raised in Southern California, which he still calls home. For the past 20 years, he has been involved in action sports — from rollerblading to snowboarding to motorsports — but for the last six years, his main thing has been running. Marcus founded a nonprofit called Trail Folx, whose aim is to break down the barriers of entry to mountain sports and activities for LA's inner city youth.

Batman came into his life in November of 2019 when a friend who runs a dog boarding service told him she had the perfect dog for him. After getting tricked into dog sitting for a weekend, he realized she was right and he never left. They bonded over a 12-mile run and  Batman still wanted him to throw the ball when they got home. Definitely his dog.

Follow their adventures at: @frayedknizzle

Marcus stops to pet Batman on a trail run.
Quotation Marks

Batman is the best running buddy I could ask for. She hardly ever complains and is always up for an adventure.