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Katie & Spaghetti

Author & Outdoor Advocate

Katie Boué believes we all belong in nature and have a responsibility to be stewards of the earth and communities around us. She is a Cuban-American outdoor advocate, gardener, adventurer, and budding homesteader on a half acre in Salt Lake City. When she’s not out communing with nature, Katie spends time as an award-winning marketing strategist, writer, and content creator.  Her debut book, "On Digital Advocacy: Saving the Planet while Preserving Our Humanity", is available nationwide.

Katie was a recipient of the Hero for the Planet Award at the Outdoor Media Summit and has been featured in publications like Outside, Lonely Planet, CNN, the Denver Post, and many others. She earned her communications chops over ten years of social media marketing and digital organizing in the outdoor industry before burning out and finding balance through gardening and backyard stewardship.

Follow their adventures at: @katieboue

Quotation Marks

My dog is my best friend and companion for every life activity from exploring the backcountry to tending to our own backyard. She reminds me to slow down and smell the flowers when I'm feeling the rush of the chaotic world around us.


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    "This upcoming season, we’ve shifted from survival mode, we’ve unpacked the baggage of the last (nearly) two years, we’ve started building habits for a better future—we’re ready for the season of thriving."