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Kate & Zorra

Entrepreneur & Zoomies Instructor

Zorra started out as a stray who had puppies at only 9 months old, but now she is the ultimate adventure dog. Kate and Ty adopted Zorra two years ago hoping she would join them on adventures, and now they never leave home without her. Zorra rides on their whitewater cataraft, flies in their airplane (Ty is a pilot), naps on stand up paddle boards, lounges in canoes, sleeps in tents and teardrop campers, helps out around their off-grid cabin, forages for mushrooms and seaweed, and much more. Ty and Kate are both entrepreneurs with backgrounds in outdoor recreation and environmental conservation. Watching Zorra go from a stray to a fearless, joyful adventure dog has been a beautiful reminder of what is possible when we step up to protect and help those in need, be it animals in need of homes, outdoor places in need of stewardship, or a planet in need of protection and action in the face of climate change and habitat loss.

Follow their adventures at: @adventuresofzorra

Quotation Marks

Zorra is the embodiment of joy. She is fearless, curious, and extremely playful - she makes every day and every adventure more fun, more silly, and more joyful.

-Kate & Ty