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Adventure Inspiration

PRIDE Weekend Adventure with Cory, Rafa, and Bondi

This season, Ruffwear highlights experiences that help us grow. Together, we celebrate life’s meaningful moments and show up for what matters most. Whether we’re overcoming obstacles or speaking up for what we believe in, we transform through breaking routines.

In this story, Ruffwear Ambassadors, Cory, Rafa, and Bondi (she’s the one with the four paws and tail) share their adventure to Portland to celebrate PRIDE Weekend. They explore this dog-friendly city as they celebrate an important life experience.

 Bondi and her human companion walk the streets of Portland.

Hitting the Road

Living in a downtown apartment, we are always trying to get out and explore everything the PNW has to offer, including our neighboring cities. A little three-day weekend getaway as a family was just what we needed. This weekend was extra special to us – it was PRIDE Weekend! We decided to head a few hours south and visit Portland for the night to check out some new spots in and around the city. 

Bondi explores Portland with her human companions.

A City Made for Dogs

Portland has a great vibe and is one of the most dog-friendly cities we have ever traveled to. Our first task was to find a dog-friendly hotel. There was no shortage of options available offering comfort for Bondi and us at an affordable price. 

As the weekend approached, we began to pack up our weekend bags – Bondi quickly knew something was up. Running back and forth across the apartment, she knew we were leaving, but we were forgetting something. As soon as we pulled out her bag and began to pack her gear, she knew we were going on an adventure!

Bondi and her human companion relax at a Portland hotel.

Greeted by a Furry Friend

After a three-hour drive, we arrived at our hotel. It was just as unique outside as it was inside. During check-in, another dog behind the reception desk greeted Bondi – we knew we chose the right place. The front desk staff gave us a list of neighborhood spots and services that were dog-friendly. Then, we headed to the room to set up our weekend "camp."

Bondi drinks water from Ruffwear's Quencher™ Packable Dog Bowl and Collapsible Water Bottle.

In this picture: Trail Runner™ Bowl, Flagline™ Dog Harness, Flat Out™ Adjustable Dog Leash

City-Approved Gear

We brought most of our outdoor gear, and it worked just as great for our inter-city getaway. Due to the concrete floors, we didn’t need to worry about any accidents or spills. We put out Bondi’s bowl and blanket

After unpacking, we grabbed a bite to eat. We were excited to find so many restaurants nearby with outdoor seating. Everyone was very accommodating, offering to bring water for Bondi wherever we went. We made sure to bring our Quencher™ Packable Dog Bowl and Collapsible Water Bottle which fit great inside the Home Trail™ Hip Pack along with some treats, bags, and our camera. We ended the night with some gourmet s’mores, and Bondi grabbed a treat from the front desk of the hotel.

Bondi and her human companion check out the trails at The Portland Hoyt Arboretum.

Trails & Tails

The next day, we headed out to find a delicious brunch spot before we went on a local hike. The Portland Hoyt Arboretum – which covers 190 acres and has 12 miles of trails – was just a 10 minute drive from the hotel. We hiked around while learning about the local habitat, running into many dogs on the trails.

Bondi enjoys playing with her Hover Craft™ Flying Disc Dog Toy.

Play Time

We stopped to have a few snacks we brought along and Bondi burned some energy with her Hover Craft™ Flying Disc Dog Toy

Bondi swims with her Ruffwear Float Coat™ Dog Life Jacket.

Seattle Bound

It was time to drive back home, but the weekend was far from over. We wanted to continue our PRIDE celebration with family and friends, so we headed back to Seattle. We met everyone at Lake Union for a float to beat the heat. Bondi just recently became comfortable swimming. Now that she uses her Float Coat™ Dog Life Jacket, she can’t stop going in the water.

We spent our final day heading out to Discovery Park. Although it’s a bit dry this time of year, there are plenty of hiking and biking trails with quick access to the Puget Sound waterfront. 

Bondi plays in a raft in the water with her Ruffwear Float Coat™ Dog Life Jacket.

Memories Made

Our weekend wound down, but we were happy to celebrate this year's PRIDE Weekend making new memories. Whether you go off the grid into the mountains or head to a big city, it’s easy to take your dog along for the ride and enjoy the outdoors together.

Cory Wiley-Godoi, Rafa Wiley-Godoi, and Bondi are city dwellers that crave outdoor adventure. They can be found all over The Pacific Northwest – enjoying activities during each of the four seasons. Learn more about Cory, Rafa, and Bondi here and check out their Instagram @bondi4paws