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New Gear for Spring 2022

This season, we’re highlighting waypoints – the places along life’s journey that hold significance. With our tail-wagging pals by our sides, we return to these spots time and again. Leaving new foot and paw prints. Collecting memories.

Waypoints are the steep trek you climbed together, each carrying packs – one on shoulders, the other on fur. They’re the camp spot where you savored the warmth of fresh-brewed coffee over a portable stove, your dog tucked in your sleeping bag. Ready to kick off spring by retracing or discovering your waypoints? We’ve got you covered with our new spring gear from two of our top collections: Camp & Hike and Backpacking. 

    Camp & Hike Collection

    A man hikes with his dog while using Ruffwear's Hitch Hiker leash.

    Photo by Tyler Roemer

    Hitch Hiker™ Leash & Hitch: New Style

    An all-new, climbing-inspired design with an adjustable length and hitching system. It provides connection with your dog and versatility – whether you’re bouldering at the crag or kicking back at a coffee shop. 

    Key Features:

    • Adjustable strap for versatility as a leash and a hitch
    • Can be used hands-free, hand-held, or secured around a single post
    • Ergonomic HitchLock™ rope adjuster with brake for length adjustment
    • 12 feet of reflective rope
    • Convenient stow bag contains rope tail end
    • Strong lockable Crux Clip™ 

    A woman hikes in Arizona with her dog, who is wearing Ruffwear's Approach Pack.

    Approach Pack™: New Design

    A fit as a backcountry day pack or light overnight pack with top-notch performance, functionality, and fit. It features radial cut saddlebags attached to an integrated, breathable harness. 

    Key Features:

    • Five points of adjustment for an optimal fit 
    • Two leash attachment points: aluminum V-ring and reinforced webbing loop
    • Padded handle and girth straps provide even load dispersion and controlled, comfortable lifting 
    • Radial cut, weight-forward saddlebags, and “flopper stoppers” stabilize pack and its contents 
    • Stash pocket organizes gear and stores heavier items closer to your dog
    • External gear loops offer additional gear organization and quick on-the-trail access
    • Reflective trim for visibility in low-light conditions and light loop for attaching The Beacon™ 

    What's New: 

    Inspired by customer feedback, we updated the Approach Pack, one of our long-time pack staples. It now features more breathability and flexibility with a perforated, molded foam in its frame and an updated, easier-to-use “flopper stopper” system to stabilize saddlebags. 

    A young girl sits at a campsite with her dog who is wearing Ruffwear's Knot-a-Hitch.

    Knot-a-Hitch™: New Design

    The Knot-a-Hitch is a climbing-inspired campsite dog-hitching system – keeping your dog secure on leash and in sight while allowing playful roaming around camp. Set up its kernmantle rope between two trees or secured to a single post. 

    Key Features: 

    • Hitching system allows dogs to roam while remaining on leash
    • Swiveling carabiner keeps leash (sold separately) twist and tangle-free while securely attached to the line
    • Quick set up with a tensioning system inspired by rock climbers’ auto-lock techniques 
    • Can be secured around two trees or a single post
    • Strong, reflective kernmantle rope
    • Durable stow bag contains rope tail ends while storm flap keeps elements out 

    What's New: 

    The stow bag's new, updated shell material improves durability and colorfastness so that new fresh, Red Clay, won't fade. 

    Two dogs play tug-of-war with Ruffwear's Pacific Loop toy.

    Pacific Loop™ Toy: New Color 

    An interactive tug toy for high-engagement play. Inspired by the rewarding play utilized in avalanche rescue dog training. 

    Key Features: 

    • Tug pad in its center to encourage targeted interaction 
    • Wide-set handles create space between hands and dog's mouth
    • Strong, durable materials suitable for the rigors of play
    • Buoyant foam core for water play

    What’s New: 

    A new, bright Aurora Teal colorway.

    A woman throws the Pacific Ring dog toy while her dog chases it.

    Pacific Ring™ Toy: New Color

    This fling-fetch-tug toy encourages high-engagement play, inspired by the training tactic of rewarding play between avalanche rescue dogs and their handlers. 

    Key Features:

    • Versatile design – optimal for a wide-range of play styles, especially fetching and tugging 
    • Built with Dual Shield™ high-tenacity rope
    • Durable materials suitable for vigorous play
    • Foldable for easy stow on the go

    What’s New: 

    New color with Aurora Teal.

    Backpacking Collection

    A man hikes with his dog who is wearing a Ruffwear Palisades Pack. Photo by Tyler Roemer 

    Palisades™ Pack: New Design 

    The Palisades Pack’s includes removable saddlebags and an integrated compression system – stabilizing its increased carrying capacity for multi-day and gear-heavy excursions. 

    Key Features:

    • Five points of adjustment for an optimal fit
    • Two leash attachment points: aluminum V-ring and reinforced webbing loop
    • Padded handle and girth straps offer even load dispersion for comfortable lifting
    • Removable saddlebags attached to a breathable harness
    • Cross-load compression system and “flopper stoppers” secure pack contents 
    • Two 1-liter collapsible, BPA-free hydration bladders
    • Stash pocket for gear organization and storage of heavier items closer to dog
    • Internal mesh pocket and external gear loops
    • Reflective trim for visibility in low-light conditions and light loop for attaching The Beacon™

    What's New: 

    The Palisades has a long history in Ruffwear’s pack collection. This season, customer feedback inspired its latest trek-enhancing updates. Your dog will enjoy more breathability and flexibility with its perforated, mold foam chassis.

    We updated the “flopper system” for easier use when stabilizing saddlebags, and it has a new stash pocket design for easier gear organization. 

    A woman throws the Camp Flyer dog toy for her dog while on a hike.

    Camp Flyer™ Toy: New Colors

    The Camp Flyer is a lightweight, flexible, and versatile disc for games of fetch on land. Its welded construction and coated fabric holds up to punctures and tears. Offered in two new bright colors, Lichen Green and Red Sumac, for easy spotting in flight. 

    Key Features:

    • Soft construction is easy on dogs’ teeth and gums 
    • Designed for middle-distance flight on land
    • Puncture-resistant, flexible material holds its shape 
    • Waterproof finish for bonus functionality as a bowl 

    What’s New: 

    It’s easy to spot the Camp Flyer soaring through the air in its new colors: Lichen Green and Red Sumac. 


    Wherever your waypoints take you, our gear’s got you covered – trek, summit, and camp away these spring days. Spring offers a fresh start – a new chapter awaits. Gear up your pup and hit the trails.