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GO GUIDE: Holiday Your Dog's Way

Anyone else struggling to keep up with the “go, go, go” pace of the holidays? As explorers, we believe the beauty of “Go…” is in the freedom to choose how we'll finish the sentence.

So out with the holiday gift guide, and in with the Holiday Go Guide – a list of ways we’re replacing "Go get..." and "Go shop..." with "Go outside..." It's about spending more time in the moment with the furry ones we love. Because if we follow our dogs' lead, the greatest kind of holiday rush is really that joyful feeling from sharing experiences, moments, and – of course – treats together this holiday season.

And, as it turns out, you don’t really need gear for that.

Nathan and dog Turkey sit on rock by a creek in the Front Range.


Here are a few ideas to get you started. For best results, we recommend sprinkling throughout the next few weeks. Repeat if necessary, and feel free to get creative and make a list of your own. Ready, set...


We all have our favorites, our go-to’s – our routine trails and paths. Whether there’s some place already on your list or you need to bust out a map to find one, going somewhere new with your dog is an easy way to squeeze some adventure into a busy holiday schedule.

Woman wearing home trail hip pack walks with man and dog in a park.


Was that squirrel-shaped rock always there?! It’s amazing how a change of pace makes a familiar trail new again. Slow it down, take your time, and notice more of the little things while your pup lingers to sniff something new. 

Woman gives dog wearing flat out collar and leash a kiss while sitting on the snow above an alpine lake.


Endless emails, notifications, ads, and newsfeeds – our dogs manage just fine without ‘em, why can't we? Try going screen-less for an hour, an afternoon, a day. Give it a shot, and you just might get a glimpse of the world from your dog’s perspective.

Elise enjoys the view from a fire lookout with dogs Ubu and Bailey wrapped in a clear lake blanket at her side.


Whether it’s by moonlight, starlight, or neighborhood Christmas lights, head outside with your best buddy to unwind and spend some time admiring your local nightscape.

Dog lit up by the beacon light he is wearing ventures into a cave hike with woman.


Want to try skiing with your powder hound? Learn a new trick together? Tackle a local summit? Add a game of fetch to your daily routine? No need to wait for the new year to start working toward a new goal. Pick a day, and your dog will surely be game to go for it with you.

Woman petting dog at the car after mountain bike ride.


Tail wags make for great morning motivation, even when the alarm's set for dark o'clock. Time your run to finish at daybreak or pack a warm beverage and seek out a new overlook. There's nothing like a sunrise with your sidekick to kickstart your day.

Silhouette of woman and dog jumping at sunset.


What's on your Holiday Go List? Let us know in the comments, or tag @ruffwear on Instagram and Facebook.