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Holiday Gift Guide for Dogs and Dog Lovers

If you’re on the hunt for holiday gifts for the dog lovers in your life, you’ve come to the right place. We’re dog lovers too and all our gear is designed to inspire fun outside.

In this holiday gift guide, we’ve selected gear that will get tails wagging in the winter by offering warmth and extra visibility. Plus, we’ve picked out a few perennial pieces that are trail-ready and budget-friendly.

There’s a Nip in the Air

Fall and winter days are shorter than the rest of the year, offering less hours for outdoor play, so how do dogs and their companions quench their cravings for fresh air and sunshine? That’s where our winter wear comes in.

When there’s a nip in the air, our versatile dog jackets keep pups content. When the snow parks are calling, we have a team sport at bay. And when the long night settles in before its time to turn in, we’ve got solutions to extend playtime.

A woman holds her baby as she walks with her dog on a Fall path.

Explore Our Winter Dog Gift Ideas

Illumination Solutions for Low Light or Inclement Weather


Lumenglow™ Hi-Vis Dog Jacket in red sumac

Lumenglow™ Hi-Vis Dog Jacket 

If you’re looking for a gift for a pair of early risers or night owls, this reflective jacket will heighten dog visibility during early morning or nighttime jaunts. Lumenglow™ is a jacket suited for dogs when they must be seen. Whether it’s hunting season in the hills, or a snowstorm in the city, Lumenglow™ will help get dogs spotted.

The Beacon™ Dog Safety Light

The Beacon™ Dog Safety Light

You can’t go wrong with this high-performance, LED safety light for dogs. It easily clips onto apparel and keeps your friends visible in low-light conditions and inclement weather. Waterproof, rechargeable, and three light modes and colors to cycle through, your gift recipient will be glad to have this little, luminous Beacon™ on their dog.

A woman watches her dog drink while wearing a Climate Changer™ Dog Fleece

Warm Winter Wear: Jackets, Fleeces, and Wetsuits for Dogs


Quinzee™ Dog Jacket in Blue Moon

Quinzee™ Dog Jacket

This is our warmest dog jacket and it is inspired by the insulated coats people don on the coldest days of the year. Quinzee™ is designed for snowy conditions with a warm layer of insulation and a water resistant outer shell that has a dog’s proximity to the snow below in mind. This is a packable dog jacket with a stuff sack incorporated into the underside of the jacket. Take it on a longer trek, or wear it out the door, Quinzee™ will keep your pup protected from the elements whenever it’s time to chase freshies or winter weather is in the forecast.

Dog Fleeces

Climate Changer™ Dog Fleece Pullover and Climate Changer™ Dog Fleece

Climate Changer™ Fleece Jacket 

Climate Changer™ Pullover 

Whether pawing over fallen leaves or frolicking in the morning frost, these fleeces are an extra layer of warmth for our furry friends. Like fleeces for humans, the pullover and jacket are cool-day essentials that would make a wonderful and practical gift.

The fleece jacket and pullover are lightweight, non-bulky, and provide hefty warmth. Quick drying and moisture shedding, these breathable, technical fleeces have a reflective trim and will be a go-to layer for day trips and early sunsets.

What’s the difference between the fleece dog jacket and pullover?

The key difference is the fit:

  • The fleece dog jacket is a relaxed fit with a side zipper and traditional sleeves.
  • The fleece dog pullover is hardware free and is designed with hard-to-fit dogs in mind, such as bully breeds and any pup with broad shoulders and thick chests or necks. It is a form-fitting style with capped sleeves that provide our broad-shouldered friends a full range of motion.

A dog plays on the beach wearing a red Undercoat.

All Season Pup-Pleasers

For Water Play

Undercoat™ Dog Water Jacket in Aurora Teal

Undercoat™ Dog Water Jacket 

Essentially a doggy wetsuit, Undercoat™ is a year-round solution for dogs who spend time in chilly waters. Designed for dogs who can’t resist cold plunges on the coast, or a game of fetch in a glacial lake, the Undercoat™ provides warmth and extends the water play.

Dirtbag™ Dog Drying Towel in Aurora Teal

Dirtbag™ Dog Drying Towel 

After all that waterplay, your dog sure could use a snug, absorbent towel to dry off with before loading into the car or walking into the mud room. That’s where Dirtbag™ comes to the rescue. This wearable towel will not only pull the moisture off a dog’s coat, but it will also shield their surroundings from muddy shakes and drippy water sprays.

A man touches noses with his dog who's wearing a Palisades Pack

For the Trail

Backpacking with dogs

The Approach and Palisades Packs in blue and red.

Approach™ Dog Backpack 

Palisades™ Dog Backpack 

If you are looking for a dog gift with year-round use for campers and avid backpackers, consider a dog backpack. During hikes, a dog pack lifts some of the carrying burden off the human, and places it inside the saddlebags of a dog’s pack. Provisions such as water, collapsable bowls, and kibble can be carried safely by a pack dog.

With gifting in mind, we’ve selected two dog backpacks that have long been customer favorites: Approach™ for day hikes and overnight; and Palisades™ for multiple nights in the backcountry. Both have saddlebags for all the essentials a pup needs, breathable design features, and flopper stoppers to keep the saddlebags from setting the pace.

Check out this article if you need help choosing which dog pack will work best for your friend.

Roamer™ Bungee Dog Leash in river rock green.

Roamer™ Bungee Dog Leash 

Here’s a leash that can be used hand-held or hands-free and enables for a smooth connection with its bungee-like behavior. Made of stretch webbing with shock-absorbent technology, this leash allows for a wider leash range and a smoother connection between dogs and their humans. This leash is ideal for roaming on daytime runs, hikes, or walks. If you need a leash for low-light conditions, we’d point you to another style of leash, such as Crag™ Reflective Dog Leash.

A dog is skijoring with their owner using the Omnijore™ Dog Joring System

Omnijore™ Dog Joring System 

If you’re looking for a wintry gift for a working dog and their physically active companion, look no further than the Omnijore™. This dog-powered joring system encourages tandem play, exercise, and teamwork. Made for collaborative human and dog outings, Omnijore™ makes skiing (skijoring), skateboarding, canicross style running, or biking (bikejoring) with a dog a fun and heartwarming event. Omnijore™ Dog Joring System, it’s a team sport for dogs and humans.

A woman gives her dog a drink in the snow from the Quencher.

Pack Pleasers: Essentials for All Dogs Quencher™ Packable Dog Bowl in Huckleberry Blue

Quencher™ Packable Dog Bowl 

The Quencher™ is the original, packable dog bowl for hydrating or feeding a dog on the go. Fold it in your pack with a water bottle on a warm afternoon or gift it in the holiday stocking. This bowl is a budget-friendly and space-saving essential for an active dog lifestyle.

Gnawt-a-Cone™ in Lichen Green


Here’s a present idea: An interactive dog toy that resembles a pine cone and provides an outlet for healthy gnawing. Gnawt-a-Cone™ is made of natural rubber and can be tossed for a game of fetch in a grassy field. It’s irregular surface aids in the fun frenzy, creating an erratic bouncing effect. During downtimes, stuff Gnawt-a-Cone with a favorite treat and Fido will focus on gnawing, pawing, and licking until the treats are gone.