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Summer Go Guide

Beat the Heat With the Swamp Cooler™ Collection

Ever notice that refreshing sensation when you step out of a lake, feeling the cool air against your skin? That's the magic of evaporative cooling. When humans sweat, it has the same effect — the moisture on our skin evaporates, drawing heat away from our bodies and leaving us feeling refreshed and revitalized. For our furry companions, however, this natural cooling mechanism is not as accessible. And when you and your trail buddy are exploring during the dog days of summer, it can be very challenging for them to regulate their temperature.

That's where Ruffwear's Swamp Cooler™ Collection comes to the rescue, utilizing innovative evaporative technology to keep your pup cool and comfortable in the hottest of conditions. Let’s learn about why dogs benefit from evaporative cooling, how our Swamp Cooler™ Tech works, and which product is right for you and your dog’s next adventure.

Why dogs benefit from evaporative cooling

Dogs don't sweat the same way humans do; instead, they primarily cool themselves through panting and limited sweating through their paw pads. While humans have sweat glands distributed throughout their bodies, allowing for efficient cooling through evaporation, dogs have fewer sweat glands, mostly located in their paw pads. Plus, the surface area of a dog's skin relative to its body size is smaller compared to humans, which further limits their ability to dissipate heat through sweating. This reliance on panting and minimal sweating means that dogs can struggle to regulate their body temperature efficiently, especially in warmer temperatures or during strenuous activity. This can lead to a higher risk of heat-related illnesses like heatstroke. But with Ruffwear's cooling gear, your pup can experience that same sweat-like relief from the summer heat.

How Ruffwear’s Swamp Cooler™ Tech Works

Our cooling gear is engineered to manage hot temperatures by harnessing the power of evaporative cooling. We utilize our patented three-layer Swamp Cooler™ Tech construction. This technology absorbs water and facilitates evaporation, effectively cooling the surface temperature of your dog. We've put our gear to the test in our studio-turned-lab with the help of some office dogs, a FLIR (Forward Looking InfraRed) camera, data gathering tools, and plenty of treats. The results speak for themselves: on average, dogs experience a surface cooling rate 6X greater than their baseline natural cooling rate when wearing our cooling gear. So, you can trust that your furry friend will stay cool, comfortable, and ready for any adventure with the Swamp Cooler™ Collection.

Ruffwear's Swamp Cooler™ Tech in action.

So how do you use it? Simply wet the cooling gear and let evaporative cooling take care of the rest. If it dries out while you're on the go, re-wet it with a water bottle or a quick dip in a stream to recharge.

The Swamp Cooler™ Collection

Wondering which product is right for you? That depends on what you and your adventure buddy are getting into. We offer five cooling products all suited for different purposes, whether you’re going on a run together or embarking on a multi-day trek.

Swamp Cooler™ Vest

Image of the Swamp Cooler™ Vest.

The Swamp Cooler™ Vest is the cornerstone of the collection. Using our evaporative cooling tech, it’s a practical and stylish way to keep your pup feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the trails. This vest is equipped with side-release buckles for effortless on/off functionality and a leash portal, allowing it to be worn over a harness. Constructed with three water absorbent layers, this is our fullest coverage option in the Swamp Cooler™ Collection.

Swamp Cooler™ Harness

Image of the Swamp Cooler™ Harness.

For pups who prefer a more minimalist approach, the Swamp Cooler™ Harness offers the same cooling relief in a sleek, harness-style design. Designed with hot summer hikes in mind, this harness keeps your dog cool without sacrificing mobility or comfort.

The Swamp Cooler™ Harness boasts a padded handle for balanced and comfortable lifting and a load-dispersing chest/belly panel. It also features two leash connection points, including an aluminum V-ring and reinforced webbing loop on the back, ensuring secure and reliable connections during outdoor pursuits.

Swamp Cooler Zip™ Vest

Image of the Swamp Cooler Zip™ Vest.

The Swamp Cooler Zip™ Vest offers the same cooling power as the original Swamp Cooler™ Vest but with the added convenience of a zipper closure for easy on and off. Perfect for dogs who may be a little hesitant about wearing clothing, this vest provides all-day comfort and protection from the sun.

The Zip Vest offers a sleek vest-style design, tailored for fast and light athletic pursuits. Its form-fitting cut ensures agility and freedom of movement, while the mesh lining effectively wicks away moisture, keeping your dog dry and comfortable during the day’s activities.

Swamp Cooler™ Neck Gaiter

Image of the Swamp Cooler™ Neck Gaiter.

For extra protection from the sun's rays, the Swamp Cooler™ Neck Gaiter offers UPF 50+ sun protection while keeping your dog's neck cool and protected. A bonus? It’s also reversible.

Swamp Cooler Core™ Harness & Pack Add-On

Image of the Swamp Cooler Core™ Harness & Pack Add-On.

Lastly, for dogs who love to carry their own gear, the Swamp Cooler Core™ Harness & Pack Add-On combines the cooling power of the Swamp Cooler™ Vest with the functionality of a harness and pack. With roomy pockets for storing essentials and a built-in hydration bladder sleeve, this harness is perfect for long days on the trail.

With convenient hook-and-loop sleeves, the Swamp Cooler Core™ Harness & Pack Add-On offers effortless attachment to compatible packs or harnesses, ensuring quick and easy on/off functionality. Compatible with Ruffwear’s Web Master™ Harness, Approach Pack™, and Palisades™ Pack, it seamlessly integrates with existing gear setups for added versatility and cooling comfort during outdoor excursions.

No matter which product you choose, you can rest assured knowing that your canine companion will stay cool, comfortable, and protected from the summer heat with Ruffwear's Swamp Cooler™ Collection.