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Holiday Like The Pros: Ambassador Picks

Ruffwear Ambassadors share our belief that dogs make us whole and our relationship with our dogs is shaped by the adventures we share. So who better to turn to for some holiday inspiration than our very own Ambassador Pack?

Read on for their top gear picks (both human and canine) and other ways they make the holidays with their canine companions an extra special time of year.

The Pack: Maria, Bodie, Willow & Riley

The Picks: The holidays usually mean traveling for us, so I love the Haul Bag™. All three dogs wear the Front Range® Harness.

Favorite Gift to Give: The Gnawt-a-Cone™! You can never have too many toys that bounce in crazy directions and double as a puzzle toy we can stuff with food.

Favorite Way to Unwind During the Holidays: Fires in the fireplace, and 3 dogs snuggled up together on their beds.

The Pack: Alli, Kona, Cali & Ruger

The Picks: Web Master™ Harness

Favorite Gift to Give: Dog treats

Favorite Holiday Treat: Pumpkin Pie

Favorite Way to Unwind During the Holidays: Hiking with the dogs

The Pack: Bree, Noodle & Shamus

The Picks: Treat Trader™ for the humans, Hydro Plane™ for the dogs.

Favorite Holiday Treat: Egg nog anything for the humans, snowballs for the pups.

Favorite Winter Activity: Snow hikes where Noodle gets to wear skis.

The Pack: Bronwyn & Arnie

The Picks: Since I have the world's coldest hands, I don't go anywhere without my Auclair Gigatex mittens. So toasty! Arnie likes to be a 'hound about town' in his Powder Hound™ Jacket... it's so fetch!

Favorite Gift to Give: The Front Range® Harness and the Flat Out™ Leash are two of my favorite gifts to give for four-legged friends and family

Favorite Holiday Treat: For Arnie, being allowed to sleep on the bed (under the covers, of course). For me, baking pie, then eating it for breakfast before skiing.

Favorite Winter Activity: Skijoring is our favorite activity to do together in the snow. Canmore is home to many skilled Nordic skiers, and with Arnie's help, I can almost keep up with my friends!

The Pack: Katie & Spaghetti

The Picks: We all love The Beacon™ Safety Light so much that we have two!

Favorite Winter Activity: Zoomies through freshly fallen snow.

Favorite Way to Unwind During the Holidays: Turn off our phones and go for a walk to our local trails while admiring our neighbors' twinkle lights.

The Pack: Shannon, Graham & Pebble

The Picks: For the humans, Outdoor Research's Super Alpine Down Parka. For the dog, the Quinzee™ Jacket.

Favorite Gift to Give: First Ascent Coffee

Favorite Holiday Treat: Homemade dog treats (little spiced meat patties made in the dehydrator).

Favorite Winter Activity: Low-angle mellow ski days together.

Becca carries firewood up the stairs with Tala at her side.

The Pack: Becca & Tala

The Picks: the Kibble Kaddie™ kibble carrier

Favorite Gift to Give: Bivy™ Collapsible Bowl

Favorite Holiday Treat: Carrots! They are Tala's new favorite treat.

Favorite Winter Activity: Fat Biking together.

Favorite Way to Unwind During the Holidays: A snowy day at a hot spring.

Ranger and Dani run along lava rock at sparks lake.

 The Pack: Nate, Dani & Ranger

The Picks: Home Trail Hip Pack for the humans, Web Master Harness for the dog.

Favorite Holiday Treat: Peanut butter!

Favorite Winter Activity: Cross Country Ski together

Favorite Way to Unwind During the Holidays: Warm fires and drinks, and snuggles under our Clear Lake Blanket


Linsey sits on her gravel bike throwing a ball in the air for Chimmy.

The Pack: Linsey & Chimmy

The Picks: Home Trail™ Hip Pack for Linsey, Hydro Plane™ Toy for Chimmy.

Favorite Gift to Give: Flat Out™ Leash

Favorite Winter Activity: Playing in the snow together

Favorite Way to Unwind During the Holiday: Naps, lots and lots of naps by the fire.

Krissy & PD run up a trail on a misty overcoast oregon day.

The Pack: Krissy & PD

The Picks: Krissy loves the Patagonia Thermal Airshed Jacket, PD rocks the Hi & Light™ Harness and Ridgeline™ Leash

Favorite Gift to Give: TREATS! Any kind of treats.

Favorite Holiday Treat: PD likes freeze dried duck necks, Krissy likes Pumpkin Pie

Favorite Winter Activity: Trail running. Especially in the snow -PD

Favorite Way to Unwind During the Holidays: Curled up in the van bed together. Peppermint Hot Cocoa for Krissy, ear scratches for PD.